World Cruise 2022

It’s time to start another world cruise journey. The destination this time will be south to north.

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It has been very busy the last 15 days. We’ve been in a new port almost every day and today is the first sea day we’ve had in 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I’m just south of Iceland in route to Reykjavik and we’re far enough north, the internet is not working very well. I wasn’t sure…

Spain and Gibraltar

For the next week or two, I’m going to be grouping some of my stops. Things are getting a little hectic with a new port every day. I’m starting to miss the lazy sea days where we had fewer things to do and now it’s up earlier than normal to catch a bus for a…

Siracusa, Sicily

Yesterday we stopped in Siracusa where I took a tour that stopped in an old village and then up Mt Etna followed by lunch at a winery. The village turned out to be a high point of this excursion. It was a very classic European city center with a large plaza surrounded by a church…

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