I got here!

Doesn’t sound like much, but after yesterday, it’s a really big thing. I was supposed to leave on a 6:00am flight for Miami and then to the ship. Well, with all the cancellations, that flight was cancelled which I found out at about 3:00am and then spent 2 hours on the phone confirming my rebooked flights. That flight was now leaving Knoxville at 3:40pm arriving MIA at 9:40pm. So far so good. Both I and my travel agent called Silversea to notify them of the change and make sure someone would be there to pick me up and get me on the ship that late, which was confirmed to both of us.

Well, you might guess where this is going. No one to meet me, so I finally took a taxi to Port Everglades where we finally found the ship. Progress. The taxi dropped me at the guard post by the ship and I talked with the guard who then got some other people involved. At this point, they got the attention of someone on the ship and once they realized a passenger was trying to get aboard, in true Silversea fashion, they made me as comfortable as possible. Which meant sitting in a chair on the pier off the gangplank at 10:30 pm while they did some processing and testing. Finally got on the ship and made it to the room about 11:30.

Once on the ship and today has been the fantastic experience I had expected and do not expect any other issues going forward. I met friends from the last cruise today, had lunch with some, visited with crew members I had met, so all is good.

We will not leave port until 11:00 pm tonight due to the number of people who’s flights were cancelled so not much in the way of pictures today unless you want to see some cars and parking lots:)

We have a few sea days coming up and the next stop will be Cartagena, where I hope to have some great shore excursions and photos.

9 thoughts on “I got here!

  1. We were wondering about you and the cruise. So glad it is a go. Can’t wait to see picks. Have a great time! Lisa & Jim


  2. I’ve been wondering if air travel was going to be an issue. It’s a good thing it all worked our and your adventures can begin.


  3. GREAT POST!!! Really looking forward to keeping up with your adventures and to meeting you when the ship arrives in Cape Town.


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