On the way to Cartagena

We left Fort Lauderdale at 11:00 pm Thursday night with the next 3 days at sea. Sea days are great as there’s not a lot to do except enjoy the view, the sun and of course the food. We will arrive Cartagena at 8:00 am tomorrow morning and I’ll spend the day on a tour of the city and area followed by one of the ships special event dinners in Cartagena.

Leaving Ft Lauderdale Thursday night
Cooking my dinner on the “hot rock” by the pool
Another day at sea, about 80 degrees
After dinner dessert
My home for the next few months

So the next stops will be Cartagena Monday and Tuesday, Panama Canal Transit on Wednesday. You can monitor the locks in the canal and see our ship at https://multimedia.panama-canal.com/ the Gatun Lock is the first one we’ll go through on our way. I’ll post an approximate time once they tell us.

So for now, I’ll be off exploring and taking pictures and plan to do the next updates Tuesday afternoon/evening.

2 thoughts on “On the way to Cartagena

  1. I so admire you for you taking this adventure on your own after losing your wife. It must have been a hard decision but it looks amazing. I am excited to see every post. Happy travels.


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