Update from Arica Chile

There hasn’t been a lot to write about the last few days. Basically with Peru shut down to tourism, we’ve been sailing over 1,000 miles south and did a stop at Arica, Chile for Covid testing before we could proceed to the next several port stops. We’re starting to suspect the medical teams are having a contest to see who can get the swab in the deepest for our PCR tests. That said, we’ve had a few people in and out of quarantined from testing positive but no one has really been sick. The ships protocol is 10 days isolation and a negative test to rejoin the festivities.

So all that said, we were not allowed off the ship in Arica as it was for testing only. It’s also a very small town surrounded by a desert. It was kind of a fun looking harbor with colorful boats, jellyfish and sea lions to watch during the day. There were several sea lions and I would watch these little black birds start swooping down towards the water and a sea lion would pop up and throw a fish in the air which the birds all went after. It was comical to watch and I spent quite a while watching them.

We are now on our way to our first of five stops in Chile starting tomorrow at Antofaqasta where I’ll be doing a city highlights tour. It looks like we’ll once again be restricted to staying on the buses which is sad, but at least we get to see some of the major sites.

We may not be stopping every where, but they are making sure we’re eating well. A little dessert after dinner.

4 thoughts on “Update from Arica Chile

    1. The question is, how much do you want to do. The activities start at 7:00am and go until after 10:00pm with options for exercise, language classes in several languages, enrichment lectures on future ports and general history from world renowned professors, dance classes, and a number of game options such as prize points bingo, trivia and golf putting. The trivia is a lot of fun as you form teams you stay with throughout the cruise and usually have a variety of backgrounds with people from the USA, UK, Australia, Germany, etc. There is also a morning knitting group (both men and women) who make squares that are then made in to hats and things and donated to those in need. It becomes difficult to find time to just read and hang by the pool. Then there is entertainment which runs from famous Cello and Violin players, singers to acrobats. At lunch by the pool today, the captain came on the intercom with “whales on the starboard side” and it turned out to be a pod of Orca’s. One even stood up on his tail like Seaworld.


  1. Are you disappointed at all with the ports you’ve missed? I guess just being on a cruise ship is a vacation itself. I would whole heartedly be of that opinion. Enjoy and be safe.


    1. It’s a little disappointing, however with all the changes that were made to what ports we would visit, several of these are not the most exciting. The real fun begins when we get to Antarctica


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