Adios Chile!

Today will be the non-update. The trip the through the fjords on the way to Punta Arenas was very interesting with great scenery (for what we could see). It was very gray/cloudy/rainy so photos very very difficult and you could not see very far but you’ll hear more about fjords shortly.

We arrived in Punta Arenas yesterday only to be told by Chilean health officials not only could we not do any tours, we couldn’t get off the ship and honestly, we were not that disappointed. I say that because the winds here blow 30-50 mph almost constantly and it’s not warm. It was difficult to even go for a walk on the deck while docked to give you an idea of the wind. From the harbor, using a telephoto lens I could have taken pictures of a town and houses but chose not to make any additional memories of this place. 🙂

To make things worse, we were supposed to be there for 2 days and would be leaving this evening. So after having jumped through all the hoops of Chilean Mobility Passes and Covid tests every 48 hours, Silversea announced yesterday evening that we would be leaving Punta Arenas at 5:00 am this morning and sailing through some additional fjords on our way to the Drake Passage and Antarctica at which point you heard cheers and applause throughout the ship. So going forward, we currently have no restrictions for tours and to leave the ship!

Right now, we’re just sailing through the fjords on our way to Glacier Avenue and should arrive there in about 4 hours. There are celebrations planned in the upper lounges where we will have the best views of the glaciers. Then we’ll continue south and start through the Drake Passage at noon tomorrow. As we get closer to Antarctica the internet/satellite gets weaker so I may be out of touch for a few days but if that happens, I’ll be back with details and photos.

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