Cape Town

I’m a little late in getting this out because the internet has been flakey and would not cooperate. We spent 3 days in Cape Town and were able to venture out on our own in addition to the shore excursions. That improved the mood of everyone and Cape Town was a fun stop.

First day was a cable car ride up Table Mountain which is the iconic backdrop of any Cape Town pictures. The weather was incredible with warm temps and clear weather. We were told that there is often significant cloud buildup that limits visibility, but we were very fortunate to have such great weather. There are a number of trails and observation points so you can pretty much wander around and see views from a number of different areas. While up there I did see a group of people getting ready to rappel down the side. Given the amount of rope I watched them throw over the side, it was somewhere between 500-1000 feet down from where they were. I couldn’t see over the side but the mountain itself is over 3,000 feet and most of it is a shear drop off.

Day 2 was mostly spent exploring the town and doing some shopping. I was really getting tired of looking at the same clothes in my closet, so I acquired a few new things. I do know there are clothes that will not be making the trip home with me. The main shopping area by the cruise terminal is called the Victoria and Albert Waterfront and is a fairly new area of over 400 shops and restaurants so there was a lot to see and do. That evening, we had one of our world cruise events which was a night of dinner and music at a winery. Everything was fantastic from the time you went to board a bus to travel to the winery, the greeting when you got there, the food and the music. They had setup a clear tent in an old rock quarry for dinner under the stars. Unfortunately most of my pictures were videos and I don’t have the bandwidth to upload them now. A number of videos are of the performances and in particular, the “elephants” that met us. They were life sized and powered by people inside, but jointed so that walked and acted like real elephants. I’ll try at a later date to load them again.

Day 3, I went on a tour to a place called Streetwires. They make all types of things using steel wire and glass beads to make everything from life size animals to key chains. They work with people off the street and show them how to do this and provide employment. Most of the employees have been there for several years. After giving us a tour and telling us the history, they had us make our own souvenirs while they taught us how to wrap the beads/wire. We finished a little early so our guide took us on a walking tour of the neighborhood to see the murals painted on the sides of buildings. This is a really big thing here with artists coming from all over the world and each year there is a theme to the paintings such as technology, environment and so on. The paintings stay on the building, so this just gets bigger every year.

Last day in Cape Town was also my birthday. My butler had the room decorated and then the Maitre’d brought me a cake that Auston had contacted the cruise line about.

Today, we’re in Mossel Bay which didn’t appear to be too impressive. When the tour is called an orientation and not a city highlights tour, that is kind of a warning. I was told by several who went, I made the correct choice.

That said, tomorrow and the next several stops are all some type of game ranch/game drive. Tomorrow is the Addo Elephant Park by 4×4, so I’m really looking forward to this section.

And the big news today, is Silversea announced that masks are now optional except for the show lounge and casino!!! Before it was all public areas unless eating/drinking.

6 thoughts on “Cape Town

  1. What a beautiful description of your travels. The murals are totally impressive, but the culture and lifestyles are as well. Thanks so much for taking the time to share.


  2. What an education you are providing landlubbers like me. Your keychain is very impressive. Thanks for all the updates!


  3. Hello from BFB,

    I’ve been meaning to mention it sooner, but I’ve been following along since day one. I hate I missed you before you left but so glad the trip is going well. I actually studied abroad in Cape Town. It’s fun to see you on some familiar turf.



    1. Thanks Cole. You’ll being seeing me late May and I saw the brewery is starting a food kitchen in April and really looking forward to that


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