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It has been very busy the last 15 days. We’ve been in a new port almost every day and today is the first sea day we’ve had in 2 weeks. Unfortunately, I’m just south of Iceland in route to Reykjavik and we’re far enough north, the internet is not working very well. I wasn’t sure I was even going to be able to just do a text update.

Here’s the list of ports I’ve been in since the last update. Starting April 24, Lisbon, Oporto, La Caruna Spain, 3 days in Bordeaux, Brittany, Bilbao Spain, St Malo France, Southampton, Falmouth, Cardiff Wales, Dublin, Belfast and Portree Isle of Skye Scotland. That works out to 13 ports in 15 days and we spent 3 days in Bordeaux. As I’m getting down to the end of the trip, I’ll do an update with pictures when I get better internet service. There have been some great tours and things to see, but I’m also getting very tired of quaint villages, cobblestone streets, 500 year old church’s and castles. I started going through some of the pictures and had to check photo dates against the itinerary because some of them were running together.

We arrive in Iceland tomorrow and I’m going on an evening whale watching trip. We’ll spend a couple of days in Reykjavik then make daily stops at ports around Iceland before we head to Norway and finally Copenhagen where the trip will end on the 22nd.

This is me with the captain last week getting an award for 250 days of sailing with Silversea.

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